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Run, run as fast as you can…

So after receiving a rather frustrating phone call the other day, I decided to go to the gym and try to calm myself, not think etc. There I am running on the tread, earphones in and in my zone, when I notice something out the corner of my eye. Some guy was speaking to me, his mouth seemed to be moving quite abit, obviously he did not notice my earphones. I jump to the sides while the tred is still going, pull off earphones and pantingly ask whats wrong?

To me, if someone is ‘running’ on the tread and obviously in another space, the only logically reason to disturb them would be if someone was wrong and they needed to be made aware of immediately. This was not the case, zone broken due to a cheesy pick up line…”have I seen you here before?” My mind was rapidly trying to make sense of this. The absolute last thing I wanted to hear or to happen was this. Got me out of nowhere. He continued, trying to make ‘friendly’ conversation and all I wanted was to get back to my run, to the extent that I plugged in my earphones again but there he was still speaking. Urggggghhhh.



Eventually I somehow brought that convo to an end and moved to a different area of the gym. Guess who was there? I’ve made bad male choices in the past and many of my friends say give people a chance, be nice, tolerant .. to a point. I have been considering their comments and always remember them when someone new approaches, hence I tried being polite. Why ‘o why did I even bother? I honestly did not expect to hear the crap that came out his mouth. I made it clear from the beginning that I was not interested in dating or anything romantic, he asked so I answered, remember I was practising the polite thing.

I knew from the start when he disturbed me and figured out his intention that this guy is not my type. I rather not waste his time and mine , further to him telling me about himself, which I didn’t ask, I thought even a friendship isnt going to work, he was obsessed with himself. Having confidence and knowing your strengths is good but the line is fine between those and over confidence and showing off.
Each time I told him that I do not want to meet him for coffee etc, it was like an invisible trigger for him to sell himself more based on his material possessions and job. I had to eventually laugh about it although I didnt at the time, he ruined my space.

Is it so wrong to have a type and know what you want and don’t and shouldn’t people respect that? Sometimes people aren’t playing hard to get or being full of themselves if they say no, they are just being honest.

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Cannabinoid Medicines May help Schizophrenia

I remember when I was in junior high-school and they made us watch Reefer Madness . For those of you who aren’t familiar with this hilarious attempt at propaganda, it was the straight world’s attempt to convince teens that smoking marijuana led to murder, rape, suicide, and eventual madness. My friends and I used to get stoned and watch it, laughing hysterically the entire time. Now, many years later, I am pleased to discover that not only did marijuana not drive me or my friends to crime or insanity, but recent studies have shown that marijuana has useful applications in psychiatric pharmacology.

The uses for marijuana in healing are many. I have written about marijuana saving children who suffer from extreme forms of epilepsy, as an analgesic for people who suffer from chronic pain, and used topically to help with arthritis and skin diseases. Medical marijuana is routinely prescribed to help cope with stress and anxiety. All this is true and interesting, but a recent study read blew my socks off.
For years, marijuana has been linked to schizophrenia in a negative way, pseudo-sources claiming it has a causal relationship. A recent study at Harvard has debunked this urban legend, and other studies have suggested that some elements in marijuana could be helpful in treating the disease. There are many obstacles in the way before a definitive answer can be had. Marijuana is a complex organic substance with hundreds of elements and cannabinoids. Part of the problem is that marijuana has been cultivated and bred for years, with a preference towards strains that are high in THC. The element that may help with mental disease is CBD, and the more popular strains are very low in that.

Of course, these tests are still in the very early stages but the research is essential. Schizophrenia is a devastating disease and the drugs used to treat it are frequently harsh with drastic side-effects. And, of course, there are those for whom the usual treatment has proven to be ineffective.


He stressed that they are not producing medical marijuana. He differentiated their product by noting that medical marijuana is simply an organic product grown for medical purposes, escpecially when smoked through a vaporizer such as Arizer Extreme Q. They grow specific plants in laboratory conditions and extract precisely the chemicals they need for their purposes. G W Pharmaceuticals produces many cannabinoid medicines including Sativex, which is successful in treating spasticity due to multiple sclerosis.
Other studies have indicated that cannabinoids may be useful in treating anxiety, bipolar affective disorder, depression, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Beginners Guide To Setting Goals

Setting Goals successfully is about taking the time to get clear about the what, why, when and how. By achieving goals you can improve your performance and self-confidence as well as a great sense of achievement.    Breaking your goals down into specific steps makes it much more likely to succeed…

New to setting goals? Here’s a checklist to get you started….

  1. Start With A Finished Picture
    Knowing where you are going is a necessary plan for setting your goals.  A powerful technique is to create a picture of your future in your mind and hold it there…. Be imaginative, engage all your emotions and senses. Each day vision yourself taking a step closer to your ultimate goal….and make it become your reality.

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Another great idea and motivator is to create your own mind movie or vision board with pictures of your dream house, holiday, car….whatever your heart desires!

  1. KnowWhyYou Want The Goal
    Be sure they’re really your goals and that you’re not living someone else’s dream.
  2. Express Your Goals Positively
    Always be positive and express your goals positively. You’re more likely to achieve your goal if you state your destination as though it were already a reality.
  3. Create a Plan – List Your Goals – Your Goals Must Be Specific
    What does achieving your goal look like?  Writing down your goals is powerful and gives you an action plan to follow with clear instructions to work with and to focus on.  Writing your goals down strengthens your commitment to make them happen.

Be precise when setting any goal rather than setting vague and general goals.  With clear instructions, your mind will work faster and more efficiently towards achieving your goals. Look at the whats and whys you’ve written down, choose the one objective that you know you really want the most and that gets you most excited. This is the one to work on as your priority goal.

  1. Your Goals Must Be Realistic
    Unrealistic goals can set you up for failure. You’ll also find it beneficial to break you goals down into manageable stages. To set a realistic goal means to set a goal that you can achieve in a reasonable amount of time…realistic yet challenging.
  2. Plan Your Tasks
    Write down exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals. You may need help from others if you cannot perform these tasks yourself.  Don’t let the fear of asking for help hold you back.
  3. Strategies For Potential Obstacles
    Another great strategy is listing potential obstacles.  This helps you develop strategies for overcoming them when they occur…… We all face challenges… but it’s the way we handle them as to the outcome of our strategies.
  4. Set Time Schedule For Your Tasks
    Setting a time schedule each day for your tasks helps you to be disciplined.  Consistent effort will help bring you closer to your dream goal. Find your prime time that you’re the most productive and when you work your best…this could possibly be early morning.
  5. Importance of Reviewing  & Tracking Your Goals
    Reviewing, measuring and tracking your written goals also influences your subconscious mind and helps you to keep on the right track. Breaking your goals down into manageable stages and seeing progress at each stage will help keep you motivated and to stay connected with your goals.
  6. Support… Family, Friends and Mentors
    Having a support structure is very important…. A question to ask yourself is….who or what is going to help you to achieve your goal? A mentor and support structure can help you be more accountable as well as supportive.
  7. Motivate Yourself
    Mix with positive friends or mentors who have already achieved their goals.  You can learn so much from them and you can see what can be achieved…And you won’t look back and wonder…. “If only I dared!”

There will be times when you will become discouraged.  Don’t give up on the first try. Before you consider ‘throwing’ in the towel… STOP and think for a moment at how much you’ve already accomplished…. as quite often success is just round the corner. Your mind movie or vision board will also help keep you focused.

  1. Taking Action
    Taking action immediately and consistent daily action will see you achieving your goals much sooner. Using a whiteboard, notebook or journal to record your progress each day will help you keep track of your progress.  At the end of each day, write a list of  tasks you need to complete the next day. Cross off tasks once completed.
  2. Avoid Distractions
    For many of us it’s easy to be distracted from tasks at hand. Being busy does not necessarily mean productive.
    You’ll be more productive by turning down the ringtone on your phone and only checking emails later in the day.

14.The Final and Simplest Step….Take ACTION and Just Get Going!

As Mike Litman says….

“You don’t have to get it right,
you just have to get it going”!


Goal setting successfully is about getting CLEAR as every goal is woven around an action plan that can lead to your success. Your actions will line up with your focus and take you closer to achieving your goals.

Run your dream through your mind to remind yourself of what it is you want and why you want it… Set yourself SMART goals and dare to live the life of your dreams…and then Take ACTION